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Villa Isabella Eventi
Contrada Gurra Savarino s.n. 93100 Caltanissetta, Sicilia Italia
Tel: +39 0934.21388

Villa Isabella Useful tips

The good service is the fact of competence and knowledge, but also the availability and care towards the guest should always feel pampered and cared for.

The Buffet to Villa Isabella

To greet friends and family after the ceremony you can choose the solution of the reception with buffet, a stylish alternative to the dinner, which requires less formal obligations, while fully respecting its symbolic value and convivial occasion. Offer their guests refreshments is ideal if the guest list is particularly large, and if you can have one large space, preferably outdoors, during the summer season. The refreshing feature is the presence of one or more Buffet for the flow where guests are served by themselves or with the help of the service staff.

The Banquet to Villa Isabella

Lunch requires a perfect harmony in the beautiful scenery and equipment, as well as a meticulous care in the seating and choice of menu. The time of the banquet must flow without delays and delays until the cutting of the cake, which closed with a lavish party style.

The Cocktail to Villa Isabella

A seemingly casual party that actually requires flawless organization for entertaining with numerous class invited. It can also be the prelude to a sumptuous dinner or an evening of dancing, charming in a garden or on the terrace. The cocktail may still be a viable alternative to the traditional refreshments or more challenging dinner. It is suitable when you do not want to deal with a long lunch.

The Aperitif to Villa Isabella

The aperitif is certainly important, guests fact must be accepted in the best way and to feel immediately at ease in life. The fact that consumption in the pool allows guests more freedom of movement, freely strolling and admiring the beauty of Villa Isabella.

The way to organize the tables at the reception

The final number of your guests must be notified ten days before the receipt (Adults and Children). Two days before you bring the composition of the individual tables, with first and last name of each invited or family. Example: Table 1: Giuseppe Rossi - Laura, etc ... The room manager will give you a map of the area where you decide to arrange the individual Newlyweds tables. It will be arranged at the center of each table a card with full names of the guests, but It will only serve as a reference point, as will be the restaurant manager and his staff with alphabetical list in hand they will think to welcome them and escort them to the table: by doing so all the guests will be welcomed in a few minutes. The placeholders can be handmade or printed. Guests will be arranged in round tables of 8 people. That provision shall be the result of patient study and reflection, repeatedly discussing and imagining more solutions. It's always better to assign all places and not let everyone can happen where It should not happen! The best solution is always to accommodate our guests. This way you will have a time for each of them to thank them and greet them.

The Floral Decorations

Both for the interior and the exterior are provided for the floral compositions that match the location and round up your receipt. The individual tables are decorated with sober flower baskets adapted to the measuring table.

The Music to the reception

It is indicated to accompany the reception with live music: During the banquet suggest a music program accompanied by a pianist (alone or with singer) and a violinist, who can propose the most beautiful melodies, Italian and foreign. The repertoire is very wide: from the sixties to the disco music, by international reasons more known to those of the most famous Italian singers, the most engaging dance to the classic waltz, etc. On request are available: pianist, violinist, singer, soprano, tenor, sax player, dj, band, etc ... All rooms are equipped with the sound system.

Children's entertainment

If among the guests there are a good number of children it is advisable for them entertainment it's a nanny or an animator.

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