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Villa Isabella Eventi
Contrada Gurra Savarino s.n. 93100 Caltanissetta, Sicilia Italia
Tel: +39 0934.21388

Territory In the heart of Sicily


Known as the "city of sulfur", along the most hidden alleys of the old town, one realizes that the capital is the pure testimony of the different cultures that have ruled over the centuries. Sicani, Arabs, Normans and the Romans possessed, leaving each of them the mark of their passage.

The hills

There are many hills that envelop with their spikes and their alternating colors this territory. Men who inhabiting the hills of central Sicily in the vicinity of precious streams, fields of wheat and sulfur mines, among sprouted grass and the ashes of the summer bonfires.

The sea

Are only 20 kilometers to the province of Caltanissetta has reserved for itself the sea, "few but good." Few kilometers that have nothing to envy to the great beaches of the other provinces, and that they also wisely guard the secret of the sea of Sicily.

Territory The colors and scents

The city center is home to the typical and picturesque historic market "Strata 'leaf", a shining example of how local traditions are preserved and for us eternal source of inspiration and supply.

Territory our traditions

A concentration of history and traditions nissene still surrounds the locals and the tourists never fail to participate in religious rites and celebrations of Holy Week captained by "fogliamari" the ladanti accompanying with their songs the religious rite.
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Sikélaia Restaurant - Milano

Comes from a clear approaching of its cooking. It continues to be intercontinental by world-wide products concentrating its attention on the taste and perfumes of its genuine land.

Ristorante Sikélaia, Milano
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