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Villa Isabella Eventi
Contrada Gurra Savarino s.n. 93100 Caltanissetta, Sicilia Italia
Tel: +39 0934.21388

Culinary travels Sublime experiments

Culinary travels Destinations of our trips


The order is sacrosanct. In Japan, placing the food on the plates is very important, as the aesthetic perfection, balance and seasonal products, the attention to detail, cutting techniques, geometries and colors.


Color, aroma and flavor. China, the beginning and end of each border, is a required step in the history and flavor of the culinary tradition. Chinese cuisine is extremely varied, rich and colorful, because it must strike the sight and smell even before taste.


The choice. The flavor is unmistakable but the particularity & agrave; Indian tables, is that they are laden with several courses that do not follow our order of presentation, but are placed on the table and everyone can freely choose which to use.


The ode to simplicity. What are rice, fresh vegetables, fish or meat, the ingredients of the dishes are always grilled or stir-fry made in a simple and natural, though mixed with an incredible selection of exotic spices.

Middle East

The variety. It's a kitchen rather eclectic, very diverse and colorful, full of scents of spices and scented with rose water, orange blossom and jasmine, of vast assortment of combinations of pulses and cereals and dried fruit in both sweet and savory preparations.

Sicily, a source of inspiration

There is no doubt that our food travels have strongly pervaded our imagination and stimulate our palate. The Sicilian cuisine, with its rituals, from the garden to the table, it remains for us the primordial and primary source of inspiration and still, art to be explored.

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Sikélaia Restaurant - Milano

Comes from a clear approaching of its cooking. It continues to be intercontinental by world-wide products concentrating its attention on the taste and perfumes of its genuine land.

Ristorante Sikélaia, Milano
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